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We are totally committed to a single thing: the creation of living roofs.

For us, it’s not simply a career choice, but a passion deeply rooted in our belief that we all must seek new ways and honor proven ones to protect our natural resources.  This is the path we’ve chosen in order to have a meaningful impact on the daily lives of individuals who live, work and play in our communities. We’re proven professionals, but our efforts also are personal.

Living Roofs, Inc. is the first company in North Carolina specializing in professional green roof services. Living Roofs Inc. teams with landscape architects, architects, artists, and structural engineers to provide high quality green roof systems for commercial, residential, and institutional structures including new construction, retrofits, and ongoing maintenance services.

We are committed to the development of green roof technologies and expanding upon the social, economic, and environmental benefits of green roofs. We are proud to be performing research to further develop green roof systems and their contributions to the environment and society.


Featured Green Roof Projects Gallery: