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Why Green Roofs

A living roof, also known as a green roof, is a very simple and accurate description of what basically is a vegetated covering for a roof, with growing medium and plants taking the place of metal, gravel ballast, asphalt, shingles or tiles.  Many people are surprised to learn this is not a new technology fostered by the growing demand for environmentally sound, sustainable solutions.

Today, attention is being directed toward utilizing solutions that deliver positive environmental impact. Much more than simply an aesthetic element, a living roof offers a broad range of advantages for commercial, institutional and residential applications, including:

• Reductions in energy costs, particularly by lessening thermal loading during warm months
• Stormwater management by reducing impermeable surface area and retaining 65-100% of rainwater
• Increased longevity of roof membranes by blocking UV rays and preventing extreme surface temperature fluctuations
• Improved air quality since living roofs gather and absorb pollutants
• Reductions in urban heat island effects by cooling roof surfaces
• Contributing to biodiversity by providing wildlife habitat for insects and birds
• Adding aesthetic quality and increased quality of life since living roofs have positive impact on people living and working   around them
• Increase green space in urban environments

In addition, projects pursuing LEED accreditation can gain numerous credits through utilization of green roof solutions.

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