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145 Biltmore

Asheville, NC

Green roof as infrastructure.


Location: Asheville, NC

Date of Completion: 2020

Green Roof System: LRI Custom Build-up

Size: 3,500 sqft

Plant Material: Perennials and Grasses

Services Provided: Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Architect: MHAworks, PA

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145 Biltmore

The green roof serves as a stormwater control measure to meet the city's stormwater permit requirements to control the volume of runoff in an effort to reduce pollutants and flooding. The green roof allowed the developer to avoid a subsurface stormwater containment system and repurpose the saved space for needed parking.

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As added benefits, the green roof will also lower the building’s energy demands by shading the surface and reducing indoor temperatures, and will extend the lifespan of the roofing by insulating it from temperature fluctuations, UV rays, and exposure to the elements.