Landscape on structure done right.

Landscape on structure done right.

Landscape on structure done right.

Delivering confident ease through even the most complex projects in the Southeast since 2006.

With our seamless process you can guarantee every aspect of your landscape on structure project is installed on time, on budget and with no headaches. We’re not going to say it’s easy, but with Living Roofs it will feel that way.

how it works

Living Roofs Inc. employees reviewing green roof construction project
Green Roof Projects - Living Roofs, Inc. - First Health - Commercial Healthcare Green Roof
A vacation home with a custom green roof installed by Living Roofs Inc

how it works

We analyze your project

We’re an expert team capable of stepping in to assist at any point in a project from design to construction, and even after for ongoing care & maintenance.

We compare it for success

We compare every project to a standard of success we’ve developed over years of experience. We care that your project/our works is successful and thrives year after year.

We execute a custom strategy

We will establish a plan for you that makes your landscape on structure project feel easy—and by easy we mean on-budget, on-time, and with no headaches.

about us

Living Roofs is an award winning design and construction company specializing in end-to-end implementation of landscapes on structures, with 100s of projects completed across the southeast.

Founded in 2006, we have dedicated years to mastering the nuanced complexity of landscape on structure—from design to construction to ongoing care & maintenance. So now we know how to make a rather difficult task feel easy.

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“We demystify the process, get the job done and make it feel easy for our clients.”
— Emilio Ancaya