Everything depends on the quality of your project’s construction— not just how well the work is done but also how good the experience is for you. We provide a best of both worlds construction service with unmatched quality that feels easy.


Realistic preliminary budgets, accurate estimates, and competitive bids delivered in a timely manner ensure you and your client have all of the information you need when you need it.

We can help you deliver a realistic preliminary budget to your client in the very early stages of a project. Leveraging our experience we can make practical assumptions for budgeting purposes using whatever information you have.

Living Roofs helps you build trust with your client by providing true cost intelligence from the very start of your project.

Living Roofs construction at Camp Mending Heart
We can provide realistic cost intelligence at the early stages of the project.

We deliver detailed and accurate estimates that cover everything in a landscape on structure project and lead to fewer questions. Our estimators can use a complete plan to determine exactly how much material, labor, and equipment will be necessary.

With Living Roofs you can rest assured knowing that your project’s constraints have been fully considered and none of the scope has been overlooked.

Living Roofs installing green roof
Detailed and accurate estimates leave you with fewer questions.

When soliciting bids for your landscape on structure project, you can feel confident that all costs will be considered by Living Roofs, Inc.

All scope, including any exclusions, will be meticulously detailed in our bid proposal.

All pricing, including any adds, deducts, alternates, or breakouts will be clear and concise.

Living Roofs installing green roof
We can provide a competitive bid package for the landscape on structure portion of your project.

The earlier we’re involved in a project, the more cost savings we can deliver to help you get/keep your project within budget without sacrificing design intent, performance, or reliability.

We’ve been installing landscape on structure projects since 2006, and have successfully installed countless different products and systems from numerous manufacturers across the country. Use our experience for your benefit!

Aerial view of completed green roof by Living Roofs Inc.
We deliver cost savings without sacrificing project goals, design intent, performance, or reliability.
Performance at a glance
Average Lifetime Sq. Ft. Cost Savings from a Green Roof Compared to a Conventional Roof
Years to Capture Return on
Investment for a Green Roof
Years of Extra Life a Green Roof Adds
to a Conventional Roof
City of Columbia City Water's green roof by Living Roofs Inc.
Estimates should be clear

With Living Roofs you can deliver true cost intelligence to your client from the early stages of the project when the most important thing you're building is trust.

UTK's green roof by Living Roofs Inc.
Quality work within budget

Get us involved early and we will help keep your project within budget without sacrificing design intent, performance, or reliability.

Project Management

We leverage deep experience, proven standards of success, and tested processes to simplify the unique complexities inherent in every landscape on structure project. The path to a perfect landscape on structure shouldn’t be mysterious and complicated, and you shouldn’t feel anxious or uncertain. We’re not going to say it’s easy or simple, but with Living Roofs it will feel that way.

We take great care in delivering well-organized product data sheets, sample warranties, and physical samples in a timely manner.

Our in-house design studio produces quality green roof layout plans, paver layout plans, buildup details, transition details, and edge details to clearly communicate our understanding of the designer's vision.

Living Roofs submittals on desktop in office
Well executed submittals are essential to a successful project.

Installing landscape on structure is our expertise. Our specialized experience allows us to anticipate issues through all phases of a project and mitigate them before they become costly problems for you.

We’ve learned how to identify and plan for in advance the unique complexity, significant constraints, and important considerations of installing landscape on structure amidst an active construction site versus installing traditional landscape at grade.

Aerial view of completed green roof by Living Roofs Inc.
We’re not going to say it’s easy, but with Living Roofs it will feel that way.

Our team prides itself on consistently keeping our work areas clean every day that we’re on site. Feel free and confident to bring your clients out during construction to see the progress of their project.

We guarantee you will be impressed not only with the finished result, but also the process of installation.

Living Roofs employees finish cleaning up work area
Clean work areas are safe work areas.

We deliver workmanship warranties, as-builts, irrigation system operating instructions, recommended maintenance procedures, and much more depending on your project’s requirements.

A closeup of grasses on a green roof, planted by Living Roofs Inc.
We provide everything your client needs at the conclusion of the project.
Performance at a glance
Sq. Ft. of Commercial Landscape
on Structure Installed Annually
Crane Picks Annually
States with Projects Completed
by Living Roofs
Green roof as infrastructure. 145 Biltmore — Asheville, NC
“Living Roofs' management exceeded our expectations with their invaluable experience and distinct solutions needed to accomplish the task. The professionalism and knowledge that they brought to the project was remarkable.”
– Alessandro Landolfa, Barringer Construction
Grasses and perennials on green roof at Camp Mending Heart
Delivering confident ease

We’re not going to say it’s easy, but with Living Roofs it will feel that way.


We understand the nuance of installing landscapes over structures and know how to get everything done—start to finish—in a way that feels easy for our clients. We demystify the process and deliver complex projects with confidence.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to reap the benefits of a green roof.

We provide fast, efficient, and complete installation services for: extensive, intensive, built-in-place, modular, and pre-vegetated green roof systems.

Living Roofs construction team specializing in landscape on structure installations
Our construction team specializes in landscape on structure installations.

General contractors and roofers alike know that partnering with Living Roofs means they’ve got one of the most experienced, dedicated, and trusted teams in the industry.

We have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of floating floor systems across the Southeast, including concrete pavers, porcelain pavers, wood deck tiles, artificial turf, and more.

Living Roofs Inc. team  installing outdoor floating floor system
We’re experienced installing outdoor floating floor systems of all types.

Amenity decks and terraces are in high demand as developers and owners look to incorporate programmed outdoor areas into their projects.

You name it, we’ve probably done it. Whether on a hospital terrace, hotel, or multi-family residential building, our team is skilled at managing the unique challenges of installing all types of site amenities on the roof level. We install hardscape, custom planters, integrated planting areas, pathways, pet play spaces, and even putting greens.

Living Roofs Inc. team installing LiteTop Intensive Growing Media
We can take care of the entire amenity space so you don’t have to worry about piecing it out to multiple trades.

All living walls are different based on your project goals, budget and desired look. We can help you navigate through the complexity by helping you select the right living wall system, irrigation, and plant species for what you envision.

We’ve been designing, planning and installing living walls of all shapes and sizes since 2006.

Living Roofs employee installing living wall
With Living Roofs you get deep plant and system knowledge, so your project thrives from year to year.
Performance at a glance
Current Safety Certifications
Sq. Ft. of Pavers on Pedestals
Installed Annually
Cubic Yards of Soil Hoisted Annually
Living Roofs installing elevated landscape integrated into a new 19-story structure in the heart of downtown Raleigh.
“Traditional landscape companies did not understand the constraints, logistical challenges, and safety requirements of working at heights. When we found Living Roofs, we found a solution.”
– Todd Smith, Hamlin Roofing Company
Living Roofs, Inc’s construction team installed green roofs on both steep slope and flat roof areas over hot applied waterproofing
Trust is paramount

General contractors and roofers alike know that partnering with Living Roofs means they’ve got the most experienced, dedicated, and trusted team in the industry.


With Living Roofs you can be confident that your client will get the wow-factor they expect. By including 1-2 years of maintenance in the construction contract you can expect excellent plant survival rates, proof that drains are free of debris, and peace of mind knowing that the irrigation system will be fine-tuned to the unique microclimate of your project.

We ensure proper transport, staging, handling, and installation of all plant material from the moment it leaves the nursery until it's installed on your project.

Following installation we properly water-in all plants by hand, use temporary irrigation as needed, and shepherd your plants through establishment until they’re strong enough to perform on their own, long after the ribbon cutting—year after year.

A Living Roofs worksite full of plants
Let us stress over your plants so that you don’t have to.

It is natural for plants to sometimes fail for various reasons. That's why we offer maintenance services in our Construction contracts.

When you include 1-2 years of maintenance on your project you don't have to worry about losing plants or having to replace them. We take care of everything.

Living Roofs Inc maintenance team replacing plants
As part of our standard maintenance visits following installation we will replace any plants that fail.

On every maintenance visit, our expert green roof technicians will inspect and clear any debris that may have accumulated around any drains.

We are thorough with drain inspections because they are key to the long-lasting success of your green roof.

A clean drain following a Living Roofs inspection, in Burnsville, NC
With Living Roofs you can have peace of mind knowing that your drains are free from obstructions.

During inevitable periods of high heat and drought, irrigation systems supplement naturally occurring rain events.

With 1-2 years of maintenance in your construction contract, we take time through the seasons to fine-tune watering regimens that both conserve and deliver water when needed most based on the unique microclimate on your roof. We also winterize and restart systems as needed. When our maintenance contract concludes, operations training is included before hand off.

Living Roofs employee fine-tuning an irrigation system
We fine-tune the watering regime to both conserve water and deliver it when needed most.
Performance at a glance
Annual Green Roof Maintenance Accounts
LEED Credits Green Roofs Can Earn
Sq. Ft. - Largest Green Roof Maintained
Living Roofs installed CODE's green roof. The rooftop terraces and gardens support over 7,000 perennials and grasses, 100 shrubs, and 75 large trees, many of which are native species.
“In general, we see Living Roofs as plant experts – they certainly speak the language. We had more success with plant survival with Living Roofs than we’ve had with some at-grade work in the past.”
– Ryan Byrd, Hourigan Construction
Custom living roof by Living Roofs Inc. at Apodaca Science Building, Western Carolina University
Get it done right.
Custom living roof by Living Roofs Inc. at 145 Biltmore in Asheville, NC

Let us provide everything you need—construction, design studio, and care & maintenance services—to help you implement the perfect landscape on structure with confident ease.