Our design process, informed by hands-on experience building and maintaining green roofs across the Southeast, delivers beautiful projects that thrive year after year. We’re proud to partner with premier designers and developers seeking to incorporate landscape on structure into their projects—as infrastructure, as amenity, or as both in an inspired combination.


Balancing the unique complexity of a landscape on structure project can be daunting. Our team is here to support you every step of the way so you feel confident knowing it will all come together seamlessly.

  • Review and edit plans and details
  • Structural load of green roof systems
  • Product and green roof system recommendations
  • Product and paver system recommendations
  • Irrigation system recommendations
  • Review planting plans and schedules
  • Roofing manufacturer and warranty recommendations
  • Value Engineering Options

what we offer

As consultants, we show up for you, whether that be sitting in on meetings to answer questions or crunching numbers and finding solutions that preserve the project vision. We help balance the complexity—programmatic goals, structural capacity, stormwater requirements, planting style, transition and edge conditions, roofing warranty, budget, etc—so you don't have to.

Performance at a glance
Annual Green Roof Maintenance Accounts
Feet Above Sea Level– Highest
Elevation Project
Sq. Ft. Largest Green Roof Currently Maintained
Custom living roof by Living Roofs Inc. at Garage Apartments
“As developers, we care about the communities we invest in. Our building is in the heart of downtown and our roof was planted to attract pollinators. And while we definitely appreciate the practical and environmental benefits of a living roof, we were not prepared for how very beautiful our ‘meadow in the sky’ looks. The professionals at Living Roof are a pleasure to work with and the results are incredible!”
– Karen Ramshaw, Public Interest Projects

Technical Design Support

We work alongside you to ensure the project vision is delivered down to the last detail.

what we offer

Fewer surprises and on-the-fly decisions during construction makes everyone feel at ease. We are here to make that sense of ease a reality by supporting you and your client throughout the process. Sometimes it looks like reviewing plans and details and other times is simply hopping on a call to talk through system options.

Performance at a glance
Lbs./Sq. Ft. For 6" Green Roof System
Mil Minimum Single-ply Thickness
Under Green Roof System
Maximum Green Roof Slope Allowed Without Slope Stabilization System
Custom living roof by Living Roofs Inc. at Highlands preserve
“In our climate and region, green roofs are smart, and the folks at Living Roofs were a pleasure to work with.  They are professional and collaborative with an expertise in green roofs from design to long-term maintenance. I would highly recommend them for future projects.”
Maggie Carnevale, Principal, LS3P

Planting Design & Sourcing

Rooftop conditions and growing media present unique challenges, but not to worry. We understand both the constraints and opportunities of growing plants on structures in places from dense urban cities to pastoral, leafy parks—and everything in between.

what we offer

We don’t just design on paper, we also install and maintain hundreds of thousands of plants on structure. We know how to set a project up for success! From the plant selection to plant size and the planting approach, we’ll make it easy for you to make your landscape on structure dreams come true.

Performance at a glance
Plants Sourced For One Project 
Plant Nurseries
Core Design Considerations—Light, Growing Media Depth, Project Goals, Biodiversity, Project Budget, Maintenance Goals
Custom living roof by Living Roofs Inc. at CODE
“In general, we see Living Roofs as plant experts – they certainly speak the language. We had more success with plant survival with Living Roofs than we’ve had with some at-grade work in the past.”
– Ryan Byrd, Hourigan Construction

Full Service Design

Landscape on structure projects, whether fully vegetated roofs or amenity spaces need and deserve the same level of design thinking and consideration as the rest of a project.

what we offer

Full service design is our speciality. We’re here to collaborate and support in ways that advance your vision from start to finish—and every step along the way.

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Performance at a glance
Olive Green Colored Pencils
Ground Down to a Nub
Design Projects Built and Counting 
Sq. Ft. of Design Projects Annually
Two green roof designers working at Living Roofs Inc design studio
“Working with Living Roofs is a privilege! Our office designs highly-detailed, modern buildings, where there is nowhere to hide mistakes. The team at Living Roofs is a great match for our interactive approach to tackling this work and has been incredible with our clients, bringing deep knowledge and high attention to detail to projects. Working with them makes us wish every building had a green roof!”
– Matt Griffith, in situ studio
Custom living roof by Living Roofs Inc. at Camp Mending Heart

When you include 1-2 years of maintenance in your construction contract we have time to observe the unique attributes of the microclimate on your roof through the seasons and fine-tune the watering regime to both conserve water and deliver it when needed most.

Aerial view of custom living roof by Living Roofs Inc.
Get it done right.
Custom living roof plant material list by Living Roofs Inc.

Let us provide everything you need—construction, design studio, and care & maintenance services—to help you implement the perfect landscape on structure with confident ease.