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Camp Mending Heart

Lake Toxaway, N.C.

Building plant communities in unlikely spaces.


Location: Lake Toxaway, NC

Date of Completion:  Fall 2016

Green Roof System:  Custom built-up

Size:  11,500 sqft

Plant Material:  Perennials and grasses

Services Provided:  Design, installation and maintenance

Architect: Platt Architecture

Awards: 2020 Award of Excellence for Small Scale Residential - Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

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Camp Mending Heart

All roofs on the property include a green roof: the main house, guest house, and boat house. The main and guest house each have roofs designed to sustain native plant communities. This was acheived through a rigorous design process that includes warm and cool season grasses, perennials, and groundcovers. Aside from being a 

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beautiful amenity, the roofs reduce stormwater, cool the structures, and provide important wildlife and pollinator value in the form of food and habitat.