One of the most experienced and dedicated teams in the industry.

One of the most experienced and dedicated teams in the industry.

“Our goal is to make it easy for you to reap the benefits of a living roof. We offer a turn-key service and can even manage entire projects start to finish.”

—Emilio Ancaya, Co-Founder, Living Roofs, Inc.


Consultation & Design

  • Technical design support for system, manufacturer, and product selection, and custom green roof systems
  • Structural loads, cost estimating, and warranties
  • Design drawings, detailing, and specifications
  • Certifications: Green Roof Professional (GRP), Landscape Architect (PLA), LEED AP

Our sole business is green roofs. Our team has extensive experience in rooftop growing conditions and plant selection in the Southeast's diverse climates and has been designing, installing, and maintaining award-winning green roofs across the Southeast for the past 15 years. and this helps us move the idea of green roofs beyond concept and design, and through actual construction by responding to potential obstacles such as cost and maintenance early in the process. We are trained and discriminating designers who evaluate the requirements of a particular project, including budget, structural capacity, climate and ongoing maintenance, to determine the best application and products that will meet your goals and budget.



  • Submittals, shop drawings, and RFIs
  • System, manufacturer, and product selection and procurement
  • Logistics and Delivery management
  • Safety plans

The Living Roofs team serves as a resource before construction even begins to ensure the design on paper translates to the built product and installation goes smoothly and is on time and within budget.



  • Traditional, modular, and pre-vegetated green roof systems
  • Irrigation systems (temporary and permanent)
  • Paver and Pedestal systems
  • Custom and Prefabricated planters
  • Certifications: OSHA 30, Crane signaling and rigging, Forklift, Irrigation, Traffic

The Living Roofs team provides complete installation services for a variety of green roof systems, including traditional, modular, and pre-vegetated systems. From fully vegetated to amenity-type green roofs with pavers and planters, we've got you covered. We remain engaged following installation to support the long-term performance of your green roof system and the survivability of plants.


Sustain & Revive

  • Rehabilitation strategies and implementation
  • Post-installation training
  • Maintenance and ongoing plans
  • Irrigation winterization

Maintenance is just as important as the design and installation of a green roof or living wall because it takes plants at least three years to stabilize. We generally recommend a strict 12 to 24-month maintenance schedule for all installations to ensure healthy establishment of the green roof system. We are available to assist in the maintenance of existing green roofs, and can actively monitor a system since plant replacement and re-selection may be necessary over time in order to maintain performance and the desired aesthetic.

Benefits of a Living Roof


Lasts longer than a typical roof because it’s protected from the harsh summer sun. The waterproofing membrane is no longer exposed to damaging UV rays, large fluctuations in temperature, and is protected from debris. The waterproofing membrane is also more durable than an average roof, lasting 2-3 times longer (up to 40 years).

Wildlife Habitat

Promotes the biodiversity of birds, bees, butterflies, and other invertebrates for miles around you, not just on your roof.


Helps keep the cool air in, and the hot air out. As a result, this dramatically reduces the need for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.


This is what plants are best at. The bigger the living roof, the more absorption.

Reduces Storm Water Run-off

Reduces the volume and rate of stormwater running into the drainage system.


A space that you, your friends, family and the public can enjoy.

Decreases Urban Heat Island Effect

While plants are photosynthesizing they remove heat from the air through evapotranspiration, reducing temperatures of the roof surface and the surrounding air. Not to mention, a green roof surface remains at a stable temperature and does not absorb and release heat. No scorching hot roofs here.


Reduces sound transmission by up to 40 dB, which is a big deal!

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