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AnMed Health Women and Children’s Hospital

Anderson, S.C.

A new opportunity for an outdated space.


Location: Anderson, SC

Completion Date:  June 2016

Green Roof System:  American Hydrotech

Size:  4,600 sqft

Plant Material: Perennials, Trees and Shrubs

Services Provided:  Green Roof and Paver Design, Installation and Maintenance

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AnMed Health Women and Children’s Hospital

In 2015, AnMed Women and Children’s Hospital began the process of applying a new roof membrane to the entire hospital. As part of that project Living Roofs, Inc was hired to redesign, demolish and rebuild an

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outdoor plaza located in the center of the building. Without the ability to go through the building, the process was arduous. After redesigning the form of the planters and plant material, patients now have a relaxing and therapeutic space with privacy and fresh air.