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Duke University - Marguerite Kent Repass Ocean Conservation Center

Beaufort, N.C.

A LEED Platinum certifed facility setting the standard for building in the coastal south.


Location: Beaufort, NC

Completion Date:  March 2011

Green Roof System:  Custom Built-Up

Size:  28,500 sqft

Plant Material: Sedums and Perennials

Services Provided:  Green roof Installation and Maintenance

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Duke University - Marguerite Kent Repass Ocean Conservation Center

The Ocean Conservation Center is located Beaufort, North Carolina at the Duke University Marine Laboratory. The building was designed by the office of Frank Harmon Architect PA 

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and at the time was an innovative example in the coastal south. The green roof is one of many environmentally sensitive technologies at the Ocean Conservation Center. The system selected is a pre-vegetated, extensive system green roof with specialized components to secure the green roof from coastal high wind exposure. The system was selected due to the structural capacity of the building, availability of regionally sourced material, LEED Platinum certification, and the challenges associated with a windy coastal climate.