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Greenbridge Condos

Chapel Hill, NC

A green roof restoration project in historic Chapel Hill.


Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Completion Date: 08/01/2014

Green Roof System: 3" Extensive with Xeroflor Sedum Mat

Size: 10,000 square feet

Plant Material: Mixed Sedum, Grasses and Native Perennial Wildflowers

Services Provided: Rehabilitation and Maintenance

Architect: William McDonough + Partners

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Greenbridge Condos

Completed in the Summer of 2014, the living roofs at the Greenbridge Condominiums were installed with a prevegetated Sedum mat system both on the west tower rooftops, as well as over the first floor lobby roof to be visible from the eponymous patio-topped bridge connecting the condo's two towers. The green roof system contributes to the buildings' LEED Gold Standard design, capturing stormwater, providing insulation, and offering habitat to local pollinators and appealing visual aesthetics to residents. However, the original Sedum species palette has struggled to thrive since its installation, and in 2020 Living Roofs, Inc. was selected to restore the plant community and supplement it with native perennial species that can flourish under the demanding conditions that this project presents.

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