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Greenwich Residence

Greenwich, C.T.

A green roof weighing in at 14 lbs/sqft.


Location: Greenwich, CT

Date of Completion:  September 2008

Green Roof System:  Xero Flor America

Size:  2,750 sqft

Plant Material:  Pre-Vegetated Sedum Mats

Services Provided:  Installation and Maintenance

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Greenwich Residence

The site impact of the new poolhouse was reduced through the installation of an extensive green roof over the entire 2,750 sqft roof surface. The green roof system selected was the Xero Flor pre-vegetated mat which has a high percentage of plant coverage at the time of installation. The green roof system is relatively lightweight with a thin profile of approximately 3.5 inches. The green roof weighs 14 lbs/sqft when fully saturated.

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