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Harleston Row

Charleston, S.C.

Green roofs take center stage on new condos in the coastal south.


Location: Charleston, SC

Date of Completion:  June 2016

Green Roof System:  Custom Built-Up

Size:  2,500 sqft

Plant Material:  Perennials and Grasses

Services Provided:  Design and Installation

Architect: Julia F Martin Architects

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Harleston Row

Green roofs are not often highlighted as part of new, downtown condo developments, but that is exactly what developer, JJR Development, and architect, Julia F. Martin, had in mind for the 6-unit Harleston Row project in downtown Charleston, SC. Rather than treat the green roof 

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as an afterthought, the design team included a staircase leading to a vestibule on the rooftop that opens to a wood deck. Surrounding and integrated into the deck are pockets of flowering perennials and ornamental grasses creating a unique, private space for residents (and their pets) to enjoy.