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Mountain Air

Burnsville, N.C.

A mountain cabin topped off with a green roof.


Location: Burnsville, NC

Date of Completion:  May 2012

Green Roof System:  Custom Pre-Vegetated Mats

Size:  1,500 sqft

Plant Material:  Sedum Mats

Services Provided:  Design, Installation and Maintenance

Architect: Carlton Architecture

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Mountain Air

This private residence in the Mountain Air Community in Burnsville, NC wished to add an aesthetic green roof to their already modern architecture. The roof is visible from the golf course above the hill, provides storm-water control in a fragile mountain-top environment,

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extends the life of the underlying water-proofing membrane, and helps keep the house cooler during the warm summer months. A lightweight, pre-vegetated system was utilized in order to reduce weight and provide an "instant" green roof following installation.