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Asheville, N.C.

The first Platinum LEED certified Hempcrete home in the world.


Location: Asheville, NC

Date of Completion:  November 2010

Green Roof System:  Custom Built-Up

Size:  350 sqft

Plant Material:  Sedums and Perennials

Services Provided:  Design and Installation

Installation Assistance: Asheville GO!


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LRI was asked to install a small green roof on the Nauhuas Institute in West Asheville. We teamed up, yet again, with Asheville Go! – four green-industry interns aided in the roof’s installation. The Nauhaus, created by Alembic Studio, is the first “Platinum LEED” certified Hempcrete home in the world. The front-porch green roof is clearly visible from the street, transforming it into an educational tool as well as a functioning green roof.

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