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Taco Boy Restaurant

Charleston, S.C.

Cooling down a hip restaurant.


Location: Charleston, SC

Completion Date: October 2009

Green Roof System: Xero Flor America

Size: 1,200 sqft

Plant Material: Pre-Vegetated Sedum Mats

Services Provided: Green Roof Design and Installation

Architect: Kevan Hoertdoerfer Architects

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Taco Boy Restaurant

 Revolutionary Eating Ventures‘ Charleston restaurant, Taco Boy incorporated an extensive green roof on their new building. The green roof joins a variety of other environmentally conscious elements including a living fence, porous paving, rainwater harvesting, and reclaimed materials and furniture. The building itself is even recycled as it was formerly a 

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bread distribution warehouse. To meet the structural challenges of a green roof retrofit, a lightweight green roof system was installed to keep loads at a minimum. Plant material selected for the southeast region is a mixture of deciduous and evergreen drought tolerant species. The green roof is visible from the Highway 17 Bridge and will help to mitigate stormwater runoff and reduce energy costs in the summer.